Want to become E-bike retailer in your region…there’s a few things you need to be warned about

Want to become E-bike retailer in your region…there’s a few things you need to be warned about

The vast majority of electric bike parts are made in China, and most of the type that are exported to North America are made around the city of Shenzhen , and also around the China’s largest port city of Shanghai. Part of the reason you may not have heard of them, is that the majority of their products are sold to wholesalers who brand them as their own.

It is not hard to find 2,000 E-bike exporters based in China (on Alibaba.com and Aliexpress.com) who will happily sell you 100 E-bikes at wholesale prices that are shipped in a steel container to the US under their brand name. However, the majority of them are actually ordered from a Chinese manufacturer and then shipped to you, with the middle-man marking it up a few percent for their “customer service” and marketing savvy. This explains why you can find the same exact frame from a variety of suppliers. Although you can specify front or rear hub-motor, large or small hub-motor, battery size and type, disc or V-brake, etc. It would be very hard to compete on price with a high-volume E-bike maker.

Some of the E-bike retailers travel to China to make certain his bikes were made to a specific level of quality. Many generic E-bikes are only made a to an “acceptable” level of mass-production quality, in order to keep the wholesale price down, as requested by many US Importers.

There are many large manufacturers of E-bikes in Shenzhen, so…how many? There is a new expanded battery facility in Shenzhen will be capable of making 500-million Lithium-ion battery watt-hours a year. That adds up to over 4-million 10-Ah batteries…per month.

So…if this information has hit you as a revelation, and you think you might want to become the first E-bike retailer in your region…there’s a few things you need to be warned about. To get the best price, you have to order in quantity, plan on paying up front for 100+ bikes as a minimum order. They will be coming by cargo ship and cargo train to a major shipping hub near you.

You may have to wait a month or two (ships are slow)…After the order finally arrives from the factory to the Chinese docks. Then you have to rent a big truck to pick them up (two or three trips?) and then you have to find a place to store 100+ bikes while they are prepped for sale or re-shipment.

The reason this is a big problem is that…spring and summer is the big E-bike selling season everywhere, so if you want to have product to sell in the spring, you have to actually buy them in the fall/winter. If you are enjoying some success, you might eagerly place another order during the summer crush for 100 more bikes, and they will tell you that they can get your product to you very quickly…as long as you pay up front. Then…you wrestle with a series of phone calls and frantic emails to find out what the most recent delay is, but…let’s be honest. You knew there would be delays for any order placed in the summer, and their biggest customers always get served first.

When you finally get your 100 generic E-bikes stacked up in a storage facility, it doesn’t end there. Plan on ten-percent of the bikes having shipping damage. Bent parts and scratched paint. That’s when the fun really begins. Are you good at trouble-shooting electronics and soldering-in repairs? At a minimum, you will need a ten-percent overstock of spare motors, controllers, and throttles (at least in the beginning). A small business lives and dies by reputation, and having just a handful of unhappy customers your first year can sink you financially.

Some customers feel like they are smart consumers when they shop around for the absolute cheapest deal, and then they complain about the seemingly endless series of problems, instead of having a reliable E-bike that is fun to ride. We care about price too, but…the reason chat forums and web-magazines on any given subject are important is: they provide consumers with feedback from owners and reviewers to help them make an informed decision.

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