Top 5 Tips for Lithium Ion Electric Bike Battery Care

Top 5 Tips for Lithium Ion Electric Bike Battery Care

Electric bicycles, due to having so many benefits for health and ecology, are common in use and the usage is even increasing at a rapid rate. Electric bikes are easy to charge, take anywhere you go, give you smooth rides, and let you do exercising on the way. However, we have often seen people claiming about the battery performance of the bike to be poor as the battery gets drained faster. Well, that can be the reason because you have roughly used or roughly charged the batteries otherwise a lithium ion enriched battery itself is great and saving charge and offering it to the machines and devices conveniently.


Therefore, I have brought you Top 5 Tips for Lithium Ion Electric Bike Battery Care so you can get best out of your batteries.

1. Know Your Bike’s Battery:

First of all, you will have to know the bits and bobs of the battery used inside the cycle. You not only need to know that with which material or stuff your battery is built but also need to know about its amps, watts, and volts etc. By doing so, you can better judge the running capacity of your battery. As far as lithium batteries are concerned, they are known for giving you good mileage when come with 36 V x 20 ah power. Read the manual for this

2. Using the Original Charger:

Lithium batteries are great at performance however require care and love from the owner. They are temperature sensitive batteries and a replica charger can ruin its performance. Therefore, to charge your bicycle’s battery, you should always use original charger. You can purchase original chargers separately too however make sure you buy from a genuine battery seller.

3. Charging Precautions of Battery:

When it comes to charging your bike, you also have to keep in mind the time in which whole battery would be charged. It maximum takes four hours to charge your lithium battery for example. Therefore, you will have detach your cycle battery from the power source immediately once the charging is done. Never let the battery to remain attached with chargers for entire night and too long, it can harm its life, performance, and range of your bike.

4. Storing Your Batteries:

As I said that lithium ion batteries are great at performance but requires your care, so the care isn’t only require while using the bikes or charging its batteries in fact you also need to take care while storing your batteries or bikes. Lithium ion batteries are temperature sensitive batteries and a slight change in temperature can cause their failure. Therefore, when it comes to storing your batteries or bikes take precautions and do not to park them in direct sun, in basements, and places where temperature fluctuates too much.

5. Using the Bike:

Last but not the least, when it comes to using the bike, a smoother run can give you better mileage and good performance. Keep your tires filled with air and try to choose paths where batteries don’t need to impose so much of pressure to work. With more pressure, batteries would drain faster. Also, try to use your bicycle in lower assists and paddle more. It will also improve the battery performance or your lithium ion battery enriched bike.

For winters, I would like to give you a tip that do not store temperature sensitive batteries enriched these bikes in frozen areas like under the snowfall. Lithium ions cannot move faster when cold, so try to keep the temperature mild while storing your Lithium Ion Electric Bikes.