Tips on Keeping Your Electric Bike Safe and Secure

Tips on Keeping Your Electric Bike Safe and Secure

While electric bicycles have gotten progressively reasonable throughout the years since their presentation, their value still makes them a venture that should be ensured. To deal with your electric bike, you may need to thoroughly consider security more than a standard bicycle would require. All things considered, we have accumulated six hints to assist you with keeping your electric bike protected and secure. The electric bike Store, you will find a wide scope of electric bike extras, from locks and crates to packs and head protectors.

So, below are described some of the important tips that you must have to follow in order to keep it safe and secure.


Parkin Public

It may be enticing to park your bicycle far out, however, this makes it a perfect objective for criminals. At the point when they see something out of the open eye, it encourages them to take it, as they probably aware there will not be any person to see them doing it. Rather, pick an open spot to park your electric bike to dissuade thieves. Breaking a bicycle lock requires some serious energy and is significantly harder to do when there are many individuals around. Abstain from leaving your electric bicycle parked someplace at night, in light of the fact that regardless of whether you picked a profoundly populated territory, there will be fewer people viewing around evening time, and the thief will have the front of darkness to conceal their doings.

When picking a spot to park your bicycle up, stick to verify things where you can make it as troublesome as conceivable to take. Clearly, a bicycle rack that is positively appended to the solid will be your most logical option. While a tree, road sign, or road light can be great choices, you have to ensure your electric bike cannot be lifted over the thing you joined it to. Stopping meters are an awful alternative thus. A strong fence can work, yet do not pick a steel fence since it can without much of a stretch be cut by a professional criminal.

Be Respectful

When picking an open spot to park up your bicycle, it is essential to be respectful of individuals who will stroll by. A few spots may take a gander from the outset, yet your bicycle may cause a lot of clog in a high-traffic territory. At the point when your electric bike is impeding people on foot on a walkway, it will place it at the risk of getting thumped over and harmed. This is particularly critical to remember when you are parking up different bicycles, as they can occupy a great deal of room.

Lock Your Helmet

One of the manners in which you can make your bicycle progressively secure is by steering your bicycle lock through the vents of your helmet. Not exclusively does that make it progressively hard to break, it additionally protects your helmet when you are not able to carry it with you. While a great many people have not had their helmets taken, it is a decent safety measure when you are in a region where the danger of burglary is high. It is quite doubtful that numerous individuals would truly need to take a utilized helmet, however it is as yet a smart thought to secure yourself and your things when you can.

Detach Accessories

On the off chance that your electric bike has separable accessories, it is a smart thought to detach them when you lock your bicycle up. Things like displays and lights are regularly simple to expel and little enough you can toss them in a detachment pack or knapsack to take with you. It is additionally a smart thought to have an arrangement for how to convey things with you while you ride. A few locks accompany a connection you can introduce on your bicycle for simple stockpiling, while other individuals use freight sacks or bins. These things are useful in light of the fact that they give you a possibility for capacity so you do not need to stress over shuffling them while you ride.

Different Locks

While it is unquestionably conceivable to utilize a similar lock for all-electric bike security needs, you can utilize various ones for various circumstances. Utilize a tough, solid bicycle lock when you will park for an all-inclusive timeframe, in order to guarantee its security. A lighter bicycle lock is an extraordinary choice for short outings like tasks since you will park it up long enough for somebody to take it. This likewise lessens the weight you are carrying on your electric bike. You can also keep your heavier locks at workstations so you do not need to stress over pulling it here and there consistently.

Serial Numbers/GPS Tracking

Besides your standard bicycle locks, there are other safety efforts you should take to ensure yourself and your property. The first is recording a sequential number of your electric bicycle, which might be situated on your bicycle at the seat tube, back wheel mount, under head tube or crank. At the point when you have this effectively available, you can give it to the police on the occasion your electric bike was stolen to make chasing it down a lot simpler. Furthermore, numerous electric bikes have started to include GPS following as an additional safety effort. The vast majority of these projects are available through a cell phone or PC and show you precisely where your bicycle is on a guide. In the event that your electric bike does not have this usefulness, it may be justified, despite all the trouble to put resources into an assistant to make chasing your bicycle simpler.



Well, it is essential to find a way to verify your property and we expect you have seen this as an accommodating asset. Since there is number of security tips and methods described above, those are quite effective. All of these tips have made electric bicycles safe from thieves. So, make sure to follow them if you really want to make your electric bicycle safe and secure.