Electric Bicycle laws in various countries

Electric Bicycle laws in various countries

Various countries like USA, EU, Canada, Australia, UK, Switzerland, New Zealand, and Russia have made laws for the electric vehicles to ensure the safe use and set the standards for electric bikes. All of these countries contain different rules and regulations regarding the use of e-bike. It is because some of these are enacting only national laws while others also containing some complicated states, province or municipal laws in this regard.

Well, most of the people are here to get information about electric bicycle laws in their countries. Well, this post is surely going to provide you better information in this regard and will clear your various doubts in the best possible way.

Electric Bicycle laws better for everyone to know

Here are the e-bike laws of various places which will be beneficial for you to know:

Electric bicycle laws for the United States

The United States is one of the countries which has complicated Electrical bike laws. It is because it has federal and state laws. Riding an electrical bike on the road can bring some irritating regulations along. To know more about US electric bike laws, have a look at the following federal and state laws in this regard:

US Federal law for e-bikes

When the electric bikes started to increase in numbers then the US Government decided to pass the Federal law. As per this law, any bicycle which contains 20 miles per hour speed, lower than 750-watt motor and pedals are relieved as per definition of electric motorbike.

According to this definition, all the low-speed e-bikes are equivalent to bicycles. But keep in mind that having a low-speed e-bike does not mean that you are free from other traffic laws. Well, the point here is that the low speed and high-speed e-bikes laws are made for the manufacturers actually to provide them a legal framework. Moreover, all of the high-speed electric bikes have to be approved by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

US law for e-bikes in different States

Here are some of the most important state’s electric bike laws for you to know:

New Jersey

According to the state law in New Jersey, a pedal helper bicycle does not contain the maximum piston displacement more than 50 cc and motor must be rated at less than 1.5 brake horsepower. While a motorbike does not contain speed above 25 miles per hour and this would include it as an e-bike and the electric bikes which are following this rule must be registered.

However, as per NJ Bill A2581, low-speed electric bicycles are allowed on the bicycle path if a two-wheeled vehicle contains completely operable pedals or a motor with 100 pounds and 750 watts and contains max speed 20 miles per hour.

New York

New York Bicycle Coalition is supporting efforts to define e-bikes in NY but still, it hasn’t become able to win Legislative passage. NYC is still getting much media coverage due to its ban on e-bikes in certain neighborhoods of it even with fines.


As per RS-61 II, Go-Peds and motorized bikes are not registered. An adult above 16 years can ride an e-bike which must be a combination of pedals and electric motor with speed less than 20 mph without any license. Under Title 23 motorized bicycles can be defined as, any bike with speed above 20 miles per hour whether motorized or a combination of motorized and pedals is an e-bike. No one under 16 can ride such bikes.


As per Oregon state law, an electric bicycle can be defined as a vehicle with operable pedals and an electric motor which is able to apply power output less than 1,000 watts and it must be unable to propel the vehicle at a higher speed than 20 miles per hour. To ride such a bike in Oregon, a license is required for the rider who is less than 17 years old.


As per California state rules, all of the manufacturers have to mention the class of the e-bikes as per the code of California’s e-bike standards at any prominent place of the bikes. To ride an e-bike in California, registration, license plate, Driver's licenses, and insurance requirements are not being applied while other driving and drinking laws are applied.


As per the law of Washington, an e-bike can be defined as an electric motor equipped bicycle with saddle, 2 to 3 wheels and operable pedal along with the motor with less than 750-watt power. These are further divided into 3 classes:

  •    Class 1: it contains a motorbike which is unable to provide assistance at the speed twenty miles per hour.  
  •    Class 2: it contains a motorbike which is unable to provide assistance at the speed twenty miles per hour and the motor is being used to propel the bike exclusively.  
  •    Class 3: it contains a motorbike which is unable to provide assistance at the speed twenty-eight miles per hour and contains a speedometer.

In Washington, no age limit is applicable for the use of class 1 and 2 bikes but class 3 is only allowed for the people above 16.

UK e-bike laws

As per UK laws e-bike can be defined as, a motorbike which contains pedal that will not assist you when you will reach the speed 15.5mph while the max output power must not exceed 250 W. To ride an e-bike in the UK, you have to get a license, wear a helmet, insurance is necessary. Even more, you will have to pay vehicle tax as well as the age of the rider should be above 14 years.

Canada e-bike law

As per Federal law of Canada, the features of e-bikes include any motorbike with Steering handlebars, maximum speed 32 km/h, the output power of electric motor should be less than 500 Watts, a maximum weight of bicycle would be 12 kg.

Your e-bike must contain a prominent and permanent manufacturer label in French and English both languages to confirm that the e-bike is fulfilling the federal definition of an electric bike. The rider has to wear a helmet and the age of the rider must be above 16. Well, always keep your id with you while going out on an e-bike in Canada to give your age proof. However, no license and registration are required.

Final words

Well, whatever the situation is, the only thing which everyone has to understand is that electric bikes are going to stay for a longer period of time Although electric bikes are as simple as our regular bikes contain a battery, a motor, and a controller.

Motors are helping the bikes to increase their per hour speed in an effective way and this is the main reasons due to which different countries has enacted electric bicycle laws for safety. However, knowing about the Electric bike laws is not only going to provide you a better idea not only about the constraints and freedom which you can get in your country regarding the use of Electric bike. But it will also be helpful for you to choose a compatible electric bike in the best possible way accordingly.