E-bike is rising to be the next hit

E-bike is rising to be the next hit

Why is standard bike losing its ground to E-bike?

Each day, more than 50,000 delivery workers are driving from streets to streets in New York City. Half of them are reported to depend on E-bikes. E-bike is becoming the first choice for many taking long-distance for errands or commutes. Besides, with the stronger hauling capacity, many household wives prefer an E-bike to make a daily purchase run.


The whole thing seems to shed a signal that the conventional bike is losing its luster. In the first place, as people become more aware of environment protection, biking won their hearts for it is eco-friendly and energy-saving. Now, its ecological merit alone is not enough to persuade new purchase. As a transportation alternative to automobiles, people are demanding more from it.


In a survey made to understand the barrier to biking, people were found abandoning riding a bike. In most cases, they are doing so because bike-riding costs too much efforts and time, for those with physical limitations, they are lack of fitness to embark on a bike trip, especially when the topography is unfriendly to the bike.


At this point of time, E-bike emerges with its new bicycling technology to fill the loophole. With a motor and battery added to the traditional bicycle, E-bike enables riders to take longer trips with fewer efforts. If you are planning to go uphills or travel to places where the road is quite energy-consuming, an E-bike is your perfect choice, making you sweat with joy. What’s more, there are a variety of categories of E-bike you can choose from, a mountain bike, cargo bike and so forth.


But, riding an E-bike does not mean you’re cheating. Some may argue that biking is fun only because it poses challenges to you, E-bike steals that fun. If you are a challenger who enjoy ultimate speed and adventurous experience while riding, E-bike can still meet your demand. You just need to choose a powered bicycle( PB) rather than a power-assist bicycle(PAB), also known as pedelecs. The distinction is that a PB works with a switch or throttle, saving the rider the effort to pedal, while a PAB works to enhance the rider’s effort while pedaling. This considerate design can feed customers with different riding purposes.


the bike is to take the world by storm!

One strange phenomenon in the bike market is that the sales of all bike categories are seeing stagnancy in recent years while E-bike is booming. Statistics from a market research firm NPD Group show that E-bike sales across the globe were up 78% in 2018, and in the US, its sales in 2018 is 8 times as great as that in 2014. As more and more states start to adopt an E-bike-friendly policy, it is safe to project that E-bike will be increasingly seen on the roads in the near future.


The electric thing has been frequently talked for many years, though the sales of electric car have soared since 2010, people’s passion and curiosity toward it is being on the decline from recent years on. Its high price and maintenance fee is curbing people’s way of buying it. In this context, the electric bike becomes a popular alternative with its high-cost performance.


As of now, geographically, Asia and Europe is the biggest consumer of E-bikes. Policy there is friendly, E-bikes are allowed to be applied to any aspect of life. Besides, people in these regions have wide accesses to E-bikes, from online and offline channels. And as the market becomes more lucrative and profitable, investment in upgrading the bicycling technology goes up, which serves as the guarantee for the continuous soaring of E-bike.


All these factors increase the possibility of getting E-bike growing unprecedentedly popular. To catch up with the trend, megacities in the US and other developed countries also initiated programs to adapt to this transportation mode. In New York and California, governments have electric bike-share schemes to promote E-bike. Now, it is only a matter of time for an E-bike to sweep the world.


What can we expect for an E-bike in the new decade?


Better social acceptance- a few years ago, if a rider of electric mountain bike bumped into a bunch of regular bike riders, he might well be labeled a cheater because they believe E-bike needs no effort. This wrong perception is of great danger to the popularization of E-bike. Following that, many E-bike manufacturers have been making great efforts to make the battery and motors more integrated, and as the promotion for E-bike gets more, people’s perception towards E-bike changes strikingly.


Lighter, simpler and better- Alex Rafferty, a mountain bike(MTB) expert believed that the future E-bike will be designed and produced following the principle of simplicity. By reducing some unnecessary setups may actually improve the riding experience.


More technology elements- Quoting Alex Boyce, a professional e-MTB test rider, investment has been put in connected bikes that can tell how the user rides and allow producers make adaption, moreover, motors will be made to be tuned to rider’s heart rates to create smoother riding experience in the future.



 If you travel to some Asian and European country like China, Japan, and the Netherlands, you may get surprised by how people are dependent on power-assist-bike and powered-bike to do errands and for recreation. Undoubtedly, E-bike industry and market in these regions have been in full swing. Why E-bike is growing so fast and robustly there? The answers cover various aspects, legislation, government promotion, and people’s acceptance.

 Looking at the USA, it seems that there is still a long way to go for E-bike becomes the mainstream. In some states of America, E-bikes are still facing restriction, accesses to E-bike are relatively fewer than that in other parts of the world.

But, with all its advantages over standard bikes and automobiles, E-bike is winning the support of governments in states like California and New York, authorities there are working hard to get E-bike a transportation mode as prevalent as cars and regular bikes.

The E-bike is promising, Do you have the confidence for it to shine? I believe time will have the answer.