10 Tips For Improving Your Electric Bike’s Range

10 Tips For Improving Your Electric Bike’s Range


Electric bikes are the bikes of the future. Many people are switching towards these bikes because of ease of use and the better speed. Moreover, the body of electric bikes is modern hence people are buying them as per fashion trends too. If we look form the economical point of view, the oil prices are increasing with each passing day hence switching to a solution that doesn’t need buying oil is better.

However, when it comes to electric bikes, the main issue we face is regarding its range. As we are used to using fueled bikes and fuel banks are easy to find everywhere. Besides, we can carry fuel along with us, therefore, we face extremely limited with the range of the electric bikes.

If you are also one of those people, get excited as I have brought you 10 amazing yet easiest ways of improving your bike’s range:

10 Tips For Improving Your Electric Bike’s Range:

Here are 10 tips to come handy for you when you want to improve the range of your bike:

1. Charge of the Battery:

You may find this tip the most ordinary or irritating because it looks like advice more than a tip. However, the thing is real that every time we take our bikes, we forget to check the charging power of the bike and hence feel hurdles on the way and sometimes end up taking lifts or pushing the bike towards home. Therefore, though it is simple don’t ever forget to check the charge of your battery and also don’t forget to get a fully charged battery out.

2. Reducing Assists and Paddling:

You know about turbine energy that’s produced due to the fastest movement of the turbines? Well, your bike’s range works on the same principals. This tips is the handiest when you are running out of charge yet you have to reach the home that’s a little far. Here, first thing you would do is reduce the assist setting and now paddle a little harder. The reduce assists can be overcame by this paddling and you can reach home easily. Assists are inversely proportional to range and drains battery faster reducing them brings help.

3. Do Not Ride Harshly:

Bike rides or electric bike rides are made to enjoy in a sensible way. When you push your bike too harshly and try to run fast, the battery would drain quickly and so is the power of your bike. By this, range will get reduced. It simply works like your smartphone that when you use more apps, open camera for longer hours, and puts more pressure on mobile, the battery drains faster. Hence, when it comes to improving the range, you will have to ride slow, steadily, and the same time smoothly.

4. Taking a Substitute Charger:

If the distance between your office, school, university, and/or home is more than the actual range of your bike, then you may have to recharge your bike twice such as once in home and the second one at work. Therefore, it is better that you place a second charger at work so that you can recharge the battery of your bike at work and don’t find it hard to come home.

5. Buying Separate Battery:

If you have to go on a real long expedition yet you don’t know if there would be a recharging unit for your bike’s battery, you will have to buy a separate battery to carry along. This idea is convenient during emergencies because you will always have something to cure the drained battery. You can easily change the battery on the way and go on a bike ride without problem.

6. Checking for Pressure of the Tire:

One thing you have to understand that a battery can work longer and give you an improved range when you put a low pressure on it. If your tires of the bike don’t have enough air to run smoothly then battery pressure would increase. Hence, for lessening this pressure and improved range, you need to keep the pressure of your bile tires up. 50 to 60 PSI pressure is recommended. Also, don’t use inflate tires ever because it can give you rough rides, can decrease range, and can be reason for accidents.

7. Changing the battery:

If you are seeing that not anything or any tactic is improving the battery of your cycle and its range, you better need to think about changing this battery. It is not necessary that the battery is old or newly purchased, it can lose its capacity to keep current. Before changing the battery, you can take your e-bike to a professional to see if the problem is in battery or any other thing.

8. Regenerative brake feature utilization:

It is a feature in which every time you turn on the motor after exerting break, it puts some charge back to the battery. You will have to turn on this feature in order to get a charge back. When you have better charging you will have improved range.

9. Using Batteries Carefully:

All with this, you need to take care of your battery. Such as, you will have to keep an eye over its charging time, do not charge it for too long. Secondly, detach it from plug once the battery is charged. Also, do not let your battery drain fully before recharging it and all with this, always use a well-charged battery and charge it on a regular basis.

10. Keep Your Cycle Clean and Oiled:

Dust can be harmful to the bike as it can rust the chain and make it rough. Therefore, try to keep your bike clean, oil its chain, and keep the air in tires in enough. By doing so, the battery will have to bear less pressure and so the range will be improved.


Bottom Line:

So, these are ten tips that will surely improve the range of your electric bike. They will also increase the life of your battery and bike.